Laynhapuy & Marngarr Homelands Project
Utopia Homelands Project 
Renewable energy supporting enterprise
Community planning for development
Energy Access
            ›   Powerku Tjukurpa! Be safe with power this winter! 
            ›   Demand Management Community Education Program
            ›   Pre-Payment Meters and Energy Efficiency in Indigenous Households
            ›   Safe and Smart Power Program
            ›   Remote Indigenous innovation exported to the world
            ›   Bushlight RE system impact for Chuula outstation
            ›   Bushlight’s Community Energy Planning Model
            ›   Bushlight wins Clean Energy Council Industry Award
            ›   A Mata Mata voice to empower my people 
            ›   Bushlight India wins engineering excellence award
            ›   CAT’s Energy story
            ›   Training and Technology with Bushlight
            ›   The Great Power Squeeze
            ›   Powering on at Kabulwarnamyo
            ›   Renewable energy system repair and maintenance at Ankelewelengkwe
Technical advice and engagement
            ›   Community planning facilitates a livelihood project in Wanmarra
            ›   Amoonguna youth win CAT social media competition
            ›   Community Planning with the Lama Lama People
Water Management
            ›  Applications and methods for rainwater harvesting in the arid zone
            ›  Getting good water supplies in remote Indigenous communities
            ›  Developing and supporting drinking water management plans in remote communities
            ›  Magnetic water treatment technologies - what is the science?
            ›  Creating a best practice process: risk management of small water supplies
            ›  Tackling water contamination risks after a flood hits
Community Infrastructure
            ›  Sustainable tenancy approaches
            ›  Providing housing maintenance assistance to Jilkminggan community
            ›  Utopia Homelands receive .36m investment from the Federal Government 
            ›  CATs community engagement in the Northern Territory in 2012
            ›  CAT drum ovens
            ›  CAT Fire Trailer hand-over to South Australian Government
            ›  Post Occupancy Evaluation of housing work on Alice Springs town camps
            ›  Housing approaches in small Indigenous communities
            ›  On the Move in Central Australia: Remote Transport Update
            ›  Exploring recycling options in the West Kimberley
            ›  Ranger Base Open Day at Shipton’s Flat
            ›  Small low maintenance garden beds
            ›  Development of the National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide
            ›  Lama Lama Ranger Base at Coen
            ›  Self-build housing
            ›  Canteen Creek men embrace new media
            ›  Cybersafety and remote Indigenous communities
            ›  The CAT Community Access Phone
            ›  Building a national network highway: Broadband
Economic Development
            ›  New research - Service delivery and Aboriginal employment 
            ›  Alice Springs Community Garden Construction Project
            ›  Indigenous learners build new Tjuwanpa tip
            ›  Desert People Centre – Art Training Facility Opening
            ›  Homeland Education at Murrungga
            ›  Derby’s municipal services program creates jobs
            ›  Civil construction opportunities for Barkly men
            ›  Big mobs at new training
            ›  Learners problem-solve using CAT’s ATWORK framework
            ›  Indigenous training boost in Desert Australia