Water research


CAT Papers – reports from the Centre for Appropriate Technology on Water

Water Magnetic Treatment Technologies by Stephen Purvis

The Community Water Planner Field Guide Final Report by Robyn Grey-Gardner

Sustainability in Indigenous Australia: Paper presented to the Community Sustainability Conference Murdoch University WA, July 2006, Dr Bruce Walker.

Water Proofing Homelands: Integrating Approaches for Small Water Supply Reliability. 2006, Nerida beard, Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc.

Twenty Five Years of Appropriate Technology in Remote Australia. Paper presented at the Engineers Without Borders Conference, Melbourne, December 2005. Dr Bruce Walker

Hot Water Use and Water heating Systems in Remote Indigenous Communities. 2000, Bob Lloyd, Laurence Wilson, Allison Adams. Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc.

Review of the 1994 Water report 2001 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.  Research and case studies undertaken by Bruce Walker and staff of the Centre for Appropriate Technology.


Other reports – relevant reports from other organisations

The 2004 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines – National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Natural Resources Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC).


A report by CRC for Water Quality and Treatment Summer Student Alice Weatherford, conducted in conjunction with Centre for Appropriate Technology.

Household-scale Water Supply from Surface Water Sources: Are Solar Pumps Appropriate Technology?

Sustainable Water Supplies for remote Communities of Indigenous people:  The First Step – Water Conservation –

CRC Water Quality and Treatment Summer Scholarship report by Alison Wright with Centre for Appropriate Technology.

Water Use Assessment for a remote Indigenous Community – CAT, NCEPH, CRCWQT

CRCWQT Summer Scholarship report by Katherine Brown: ??? for RIA – Providing useful information about water quality issues impacting on setting up a renal dialysis unit at Kintore NT.

Swimming Pools in remote Indigenous Communities – CAT, ANU, CRCWQT

  • Health Related Issues – Carmen Audera
  • Recreational Water Use in Remote Indigenous Communities  – Andrew Peart and Cassandra Szoeke
  • The Investigation of Technical Issues Associated with the Construction and Management of public Swimming Pools in Remote Indigenous Communities – Jonathon Duddles
  • Assessing the Feasibility of Monitoring Chemical and Microbiological Hazards in Bodies of Water Used for Recreation in Remote Aboriginal Communities – Nigel Vivian

Four reports on various aspects of Swimming Pools in remote Indigenous Communities.

Framework for Research on Aboriginal Health and the Physical Environment

CRCAH Research Framework: Aboriginal Health and the Physical Environment. Final Report September 2004.